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Who is inboundMed

Necessity and Growth Is The Why of inboundMed 

inboundMed's existence owes itself to its beginnings by its founder, Kevin Asp.  He needed to drive more customers to his company and the thousands of dollars he was spending on traditional Outbound Marketing (TV, Radio, exhibits, etc...) was not a viable long term solution.  He knew with the changing market in health care his businesses needed to work smarter with his medical marketing if it was going to remain viable. 

While he knew that his website at the Alaska Sleep Clinic needed some revisions through a redesign and some SEO love, he had no idea how much he didn't know!


As you can see by the graph below, Alaska Sleep Clinic's online presence was static at best prior to implementing inboundMed's content marketing best practices for sleep centers.


inboundmed case study before content marketing

Alaska Sleep Clinic October 2012 - February 2014

How of inboundMed 

Because of the implementation of inboundMed's best practices of Implementing Inbound Marketing in its Medical Practice, they turned the once stagnant online presence of Alaska Sleep Clinic to that of "The Most Trafficked Sleep Center Website in the World" in just 18 months time.

inboundmed success with content marketing

Exponential Growth by leveraging inboundMed's best practices

Who of inboundMed

The experience that he has obtained in the past 4 years from both hands on and partnerships with other leaders in the content marketing arena has led him to be the go to resource for inbounding marketing in the medical practice industry. This is where the passion and excitement that he and his staff brings to its client plays a part in their continued success.

He continues his passion with the likes of other clients like SomnoSure, a Home Sleep Testing based company in       St Louis, Missouri where the growth has been 400% increase in traffic in just 3 months time.

And the American Association of Sleep Technologists where he volunteers his time as a Director at Large and contributes to the development of their Content Marketing program and their new website set to be launched mid December 2015. You can view their testimonials by clicking here.

inboundMed Today

Kevin Asp is currently speaking at industry events and conferences around the country sharing his passion and experience with other medical groups/organizations interested in learning about how they too can:

Attract more potential client to their medical practice website through content

Educate those potential clients through the best practices of Inbound Marketing

Nurture them so that they become actual paying clients through the Hubspot tools

Grow your medical practice through lead generation and conversion methods taught by the staff at inboundMed

If you're interested in learning more about inboundMed or having Kevin speak at an upcoming event, feel free to submit your information on the form to the right we'll be in touch very soon!

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Kevin Asp, CRT, RPSGT
President, inboundMed

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