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HubSpot Client Case Study 


HubSpot Case study inboundmed and aast  Case Study 



inboundMed and the AAST is featured in the following Spotlight by HubSpot

American Association of Sleep Technologists Revive Declining Membership with HubSpot

"For 35 years the American Association of Sleep Technologists has been advancing, preserving, and promoting the sleep technology profession through continued development of educational, technical, and clinical excellence in sleep services. Despite their long-standing reputation of being the foremost organization in the industry, membership rates were declining, and the team knew they needed to re-evaluate their marketing approach. With the help of HubSpot they’ve been able to turn this trend around, increasing membership by 12% despite the projected losses...Up against a projected 5% decline in annual membership, the AAST took the advice of Board Member, Kevin Asp of inboundMed, and reached out to learn more about HubSpot's software and inbound marketing."






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