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Alaska Healthcare Marketing: Focus on semantics in 2017

Jan 4, 2017 5:30:00 AM / by inboundMed posted in search engine marketing, Search engine optimization, semantic search


There are a good number of marketing websites laying out trends and best strategies for search engine optimization (SEO) in the coming year.

One that we would like to recommend that you focus on as part of your own medical marketing effort is semantic search. 

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Why do I need to know about Keywords for My Medical Practice Blog?

Oct 6, 2016 5:30:00 AM / by inboundMed posted in search engine marketing, Search engine optimization, keywords


For a busy medical practice looking to attract new patients and build its base through a healthcare blog, the concept of keywords may seem to only relate to advertising using the pay-per-click model.

However, inbound marketing relies on the intelligent and strategic application of optimized keywords to activate proper search engine optimization (SEO) of any medical practice's website. 

You can get a lot of mileage out of smart keyword usage, but you need to know what they are and why they matter to your medical marketing strategy first. 

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Local search & SEO: How can they help my medical practice in Alaska?

Sep 8, 2016 6:30:00 AM / by inboundMed posted in search engine marketing


Sometimes medical practices with websites become so enamored of the limitless boundaries of web presence that they can forget that they (and their clients) are still mostly local.

"Getting found" should start with maximizing local search and search engine optimization (SEO). Especially for the Alaska-based business, local SEO as a medical marketing strategy can stand to set you apart from all the others.

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The Fine Art of Getting Found: SEM & the medical practice

Sep 7, 2016 6:30:00 AM / by inboundMed posted in Inbound Marketing, search engine marketing


The term, "getting found," refers to the notion that a business needs to be "found" on the Internet if consumers are to acknowledge it exists.

Of course, in reality, brick-and-mortar business still exist. However, those with a strong digital presence can enjoy additional (and necessary) layers of legitimacy and trust from patients, both preexisting and prospective, who have turned to the Internet to solve their health problems.

But don't just build a website and consider your work done. What you need is not only a website, but a strong web presence.

This is why "getting found" is so crucial. It's easy to fall for the Field of Dreams mentality: if you build it, they will come. This kind of magical thinking doesn't serve the more pragmatic concerns of a medical practice, however. 

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