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Considering Using Facebook Live? Top Tips to Make It Pay Off in Alaska

Jun 21, 2017 6:05:50 PM / by Kevin Asp

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If you are a healthcare provider in Alaska, you recognize the importance of building recognition among potential patients. Advertising and referrals are smart, but can be expensive and inconsistent. A strong social media strategy targeted at your buyer personas can offer a high return on investment (ROI), simultaneously growing your brand and widening your audience. 

In addition to a powerful content strategy and other social media activity, you may be considering using Facebook live streaming. Or, you may have never thought of this. But you SHOULD. 

What is Facebook live?

Consumers crave fresh information like zombies crave brains. With the popularity of online videos, Facebook live delivers both. Launched in 2016, this tool provides the ability to blast information to your followers with live feed videos on Facebook. Being able to stream through Facebook live in Alaska directly from your mobile device helps you connect with your buyers directly through the social media channels they are already using. From there, they can share, comment, and like your stream for greater exposure. 

Facebook live streaming is inexpensive and simple to use, and provides a unique way for you to develop connections with Alaska consumers who need your services. It also helps create an authentic experience for your prospects that helps you connect and begin building trust. Before you grab your smartphone and press "GO" there are a few important steps to be sure to have under your belt to create the most prime, effective experience possible with this exciting new tool. 

Take Necessary Steps Beforehand

Turning the camera on yourself takes a little prep work. First, decide your topic. It can be an event, like an open house, a monologue on a relevant topic, or a commentary on frequently asked questions. First, determine your target audience. Then decide on your goal. Is it to inform them of an offering? Answer their questions about a procedure? Dispute common myths about an illness or disease? 

Once you know the first two, start preparing your presentation. Outline the key points you want to make and determine the length of time you will talk. Create a title, and decide on the location for the live stream event. Think about what will be behind you. A colorful, busy picture might take the attention away from your topic. Tone down the background, or add a backdrop with your company's logo behind you. 

Choose a quiet area with lots of light, or purchase a light to help brighten up the shoot. The last thing you want is for your audience to click away because they can't see you clearly. And, while the Blair Witch Project was a cool movie, nobody needs to get dizzy trying to watch your streaming event. Keep the motion sickness and headaches to a minimum by making certain your camera is stable and not wobbly. 

Speaking of quiet, you must know that....

....Clear Audio Is Worth 1000 Words

We can't stress enough the importance of providing clear audio during Facebook live streaming. Poor audio, mumbling, or background noise will not only make your audience turn off, it will give them a negative impression of your brand. Invest in a high-quality external microphone to create a crisp, clear audio. Practice in advance to make sure your volume levels are pleasing, and keep the paper shuffling to a minimum. If you are going to use music during the event, test it out beforehand, too. 

Promote Facebook Live Streaming In Advance

Your goal is to reach as many people as possible with your message. Create your own hype before kicking off your Facebook live in Alaska. Start a week in advance, and use all your channels of social media to promote your streaming event. Also put up a flier in your office to get exposure with current patients, and drive them to your social media. Blast an email to your entire database. All of the promotions need to clearly explain where the live streaming will be (Facebook) the date and time, and your topic. Consider promoting it with a Facebook ad for greater exposure. Send a "Don't miss it" reminder of the Facebook live streaming event a few hours before it starts. 

Nail the Beginning

Practicing a few times beforehand will ensure you know your content well and come across as knowledgeable and engaging. Look directly into the camera, smile, and show personality. Stay as relaxed as possible, because if you are nervous, your audience will be less likely to engage with you. 

In the first 90 seconds of the event, introduce yourself and your company, explain why you are qualified to speak on the topic you have chosen, and give a brief summary of what will be discussed. It's crucial to connect during this time, or you will lose viewers. No pressure, right? 

Ask the Audience a Question

This is a critical tid bit of information here. Not only is it polite to acknowledge your audience, quite frankly Facebook loves it too! You see, the more comments and engagement that you get early on in the first 90 seconds, the more likely Facebook is going to see this as an even that viewers are engaged with and will more like push your content to more viewers!

Point the Audience Toward the Next Step

Stay on track and deliver what you want to say, and maintain your progress to reach your goal with a verbal call-to-action. An idea with a proven track record is to offer a discount on a service. This works well in medical establishments like plastic surgery. Another productive call-to-action is to offer additional information on the topic in an eBook or more in-depth video. 

Also make certain the audience knows how to reach you to make an appointment or ask additional questions. Remind them to share the video, and tell them about any plans for additional videos, so they can plan to join. 

Note Your Viewers and Their Comments

After your Facebook live in Alaska event is over, it's time to dig through the booty. Interactions such as comments and likes give you insight into whether or not the topic hit its mark. Well-received events are great road maps for future events, as you can build similar or complementary topics that will most likely also resonate with the audience. 

If you didn't have many interactions, as disappointing as that is, you can also learn from it. Examine the length of your presentation, the time of day, and how you marketed it. Try again with a different topic on a different day and time, and market it heavier to see if you can improve the results. 

Re-Purpose Popular Segments

If you got strong results, use the recording again! Post it to your company's website so potential patients can view it at their leisure. Create a blog that relates to the topic, and embed the video recording into the post. Share a link to it across your social channels and encourage your followers to do the same. The views after Facebook live streaming often surpass the viewers who watched it in real-time!

Video is taking the world by storm, and in the ever-changing social media environment where consumers want their information quicker, easier, and more interactive and engaging than ever, mastering Facebook live can benefit your Alaska healthcare organization can return a hefty investment for your efforts. So polish up your camera, warm up your vocal cords, and make your debut!

If you'd like to learn more about how to leverage Facebook Live or social media marketing in your medical practice, just give me a call at (907) 602-3438 or click the link below to request a free marketing assessment today!

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Kevin Asp

Written by Kevin Asp

Kevin Asp is the President and Founder of inboundMed and SomnoSure. He is the past founder and President of Alaska Sleep Clinic, touted as the most trafficked sleep center website in the world.

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