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Blogging contributors: Who should write your content?

Jul 6, 2016 6:00:00 PM / by inboundMed

brilliant bloggerYou've heard the phrase a million times, that "Content is king." And of course it is; the popularity and success of any blog depends on the quality of its narrative.

We all know there are adequate, competent information sources on the Internet for patients looking for insight, advice, and education. But we also recognize that this content is usually overgeneralized (for good reason), which often means it's not very exciting to read, as a result. 

Today's blogs, by comparison, are far more engaging, personalized, interactive, and locally relevant when compared to these useful, if static, websites.

Why? Because it's not only just the kind of content being posted in blogs that matters... it's also who's writing it.

Who could be potential contributors to your blog? 

Anybody can write a blog post. But few can do it well. And just writing a blog post off the cuff may never be a Field of Dreams experience for those writers who cannot bring specific skills to the task.  Blogging is challenging creative work, after all. 

Let's take a look at the qualities of potential blog content contributors to determine where you might be able to find your best contributors. If you want to start a new healthcare blog, focusing on who should write your blog could be your best first step. 


Doctors, technicians, nurscomputer_mouse_stethoscopees, educators, social workers... All of these healthcare professionals have a valid vantage point that lends huge value to blog content. The writing they generate personally will project leadership, authenticity, and the "voice" or "personality" of your clinic (also known as your "brand").

Doctors' voices on the web are highly sought; they attract patients looking for thought leaders and experts who can still communicate in a way that's down to earth.

Writers already on the clinic staff

Anyone on the staff who has a flair for writing and a strong desire to do the work is fair game for inhouse blogging. They could be credentialed in your particular medical field or simply be someone who has worked in the field (or at your clinic) for long enough to have a multilayered grasp on the subject matter you want to address in your blog. They may also have some experience in freelancing, which definitely helps. 

Outsourced writers

independent_journalist.jpgThe writing world constantly evolves. Where newspapers have taken losses, for instance, blogs have made gains. Journalists have taken hits in the workforce, to be sure, but one result is that the field has released some of its most talented practitioners to be employed as specialty writers, including many within the arena of medical blogging.

These savvy writers easily master their subject matter. They also understand the rules of marketing and know how optimization, formatting, and images serve the blog message. Outsourcing your content to these writers can pay excellent dividends over the long haul.

Ghost writers

Sometimes a doctor will hire a writer to pen blog posts which the doctor then attaches their name and likeness to. It's really no different than ghost writers who write books for doctors, or columnists who use ghost writers to pen their replies to reader questions.

The doctor-writer team best succeeds when a busy physician can find (and put their trust in) a talented writer who's adept at capturing the physician's persona on the page.

Guest writers

ask_the_expertsThese kinds of writers, whether they show up on a regular basis or chime in only once, add layers of diversity and depth to your blog's overall message.

Many experts under one umbrella can be more appealing to mainstream readers than a single voice alone in the wilderness. As long as the whole message of the blog is served by the sum of these separate, but distinctive parts, "more" really can translate into "better."

Multimedia artists

Think about it: images and sounds are a vital part of any content marketing effort. If your staff has gifted graphic designers who can make infographics, then by all means, put them to work!

What about photographers? Animators? Videographers? Podcasters? You can match excellent audio-visual footage with the guidance of writers and editors to generate fresh content that doesn't need to rely only on text to inform and inspire. This could be outsourced content or generated inhouse.


photojournalist.jpgWe live in an information hungry culture, thanks to the advent of the Internet. Sometimes the best content strategy for sharing that information is through varying approaches to "link love." 

A curator is a specialist who can artfully manage information in themes on a regular basis, drawing from all forms of media as well as news, scientific writings, even pop culture, to shed light on specific subjects in a way that is entertaining and eminently shareable.

This is one of the more tried-and-true healthcare marketing strategies used in blogs because it provides useful content and recognizes leaders in your field without requiring a lot of original content generation on your part.

Some medical blogs will enlist only one style of contribution, while others will pick and choose from the full list of potential contributors illustrated here. There are benefits to using any or all of these contributors, as long as they are good at what they do and their work serves your medical content marketing strategy's mission.

The most important takeway: it's not just the topic that makes a good blog post, it's the approach, the voice, and the vision of the person creating it. Blog authors and contributors are your allies; pick strong ones and let them shine, and you'll be amazed at how well your blog can serve your inbound marketing efforts.

Want to learn more about inbound marketing to attract new patients? Check out our free e-book below for more in-depth coverage of these content building efforts and much more. 

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