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Lost Out to Competition? 6 Ways to Re-Target Those Alaska Patients

Jul 6, 2017 1:55:20 PM / by Kevin Asp

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As much as you would like every person who comes across your company name to end up being your patient, you know that's not realistic. Some of them are bound to choose a different provider. Maybe their sister recommends another healthcare center in Alaska, they stumble across one closer to where they work, or they read a blog post from another provider that connects with them and addresses their pain points more than your information did. 

Don't cry over patients that didn't pan out! It's not over yet. 

Your company can still be attractive and enticing to consumers, even if they didn't choose to use you first. Some of those consumers can end up being your patients after all. You just need to play your cards right. If you lost out to your competition the first time, put these six tips in play to re-target those Alaska patients. 


Write Blogs that Address their Pain Points

During a prospect's Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) they look for information that addresses their issue, or helps them solve a problem. While they may have chosen your competition the first time, their issue could remain unresolved. Refer back to the buyer personas that you carefully crafted, and continue to create powerful, relevant blogs that target your group of intended Alaska patients. The more thorough you can be with your content creation, the better you can connect with a consumer who has been unsatisfied with the treatment your competition has offered her. 

Email Campaigns

Did any of those lost patients download a piece of your high-value content, such as an eBook or a white paper? Did they attend any of your informational webinars? If so, you have their names and emails, and should put them to good use! Even if they chose another healthcare provider in Alaska, seeing emails that include valuable, educational content from you keeps you at the forefront of their thoughts. If they ever become unhappy with their current provider, your organization is in the premium spot, and will be the next one on their list to call. 

Keep in mind with email campaigns, less is more. Avoid flooding them with emails several times a week. Use them strategically to keep in touch, and to direct lost prospects to new, informative content. The goal here is to re-engage their interest in your brand and what you can offer. 


A well-crafted newsletter sent out monthly or quarterly is a smart way to stay engaged with prospects who decided to work with one of your competitors. Building such a piece of content takes planning, but is well worth the time and effort. Upcoming community events, webinars, and open houses are engaging topics, as are your recent blog posts, and current promotions running in your office. Sprinkle in a bit of personal information, like an employee spotlight or good cause your company supports, to let the prospect get to know you beyond the professional. 

Newsletters as part of a re-targeting campaign need to have calls-to-action (CTAs) that direct the readers to the next step, such as downloading an eBook, reading a blog, or attending a webinar. Be sure to review the resulting analytics to see how many prospects clicked the CTA, so you will be able to quantify your return on investment. Hopefully, you can turn a few lost customers into new patients!

Social Media Marketing in Alaska

Your Alaska healthcare organization needs a strong social media presence to foster relationships and build connections. This includes lost prospects. Maybe a person, we will call her Anna, who needs medical treatment that you provide found another provider, but you can still connect through social media. If Anna continues to seek information on her condition, she will undoubtedly run into your content and digest it. This could then lead Anna to your website, and prompt her to call your office for a second opinion. 

Frequent and targeted conversations on your social media channels are key toward attracting new prospects, but it's also essential in re-connecting with lost contacts. A consistent social media strategy across multiple channels assists in re-targeting patients who initially chose another healthcare provider. 

Advertising Campaign

If you want to re-target Alaska patients, you may decide to put money toward advertising. There are actually re-targeting campaigns that advertise to consumers who have been to your website, and then clicked away. During such a campaign, potential prospects will begin seeing banner ads for your business on other websites they visit.

While this strategy does keep your branding message in front of potential patients, it does little to build trust or create loyalty. The other approaches mentioned here that answer a consumer's questions or address their specific pain points accomplish those goals better. However, advertising can be used to great success in combination with other, more focused marketing. 


If a patient has gone to the trouble of choosing and visiting another Alaska healthcare provider, he or she may require a little extra push to get them back through your doors. 

Good thing everyone likes a deal. 

Depending on the personas you target, you can create an enticing promotion that speaks to the patients who went to another provider. Free consultations, discounted products, and special "VIP" waiting areas are all ideas that may once again create interest for your brand. Obviously, this varies greatly depending on your specialty and what works well for one type may not perform for others. Think carefully about your buyer to decide the type of promotion that would spark the most interest and return the highest results. Once you decide, market it widely through your social media channels, in-office, and with your email campaigns. 

If a percentage of your promising prospects didn't become patients, don't throw in the towel on them yet. Put a plan to strategically re-target these consumers via multiple channels. Gain traction with content topics that are appealing and informative to them. Leave a clear path for them from your competition to your door with calls-to-action and promotions. Over time, you will see a noticeable increase in Alaska patients who may not have chosen you for their healthcare the first time, but who got their heads on straight and ended up making the right decision, YOU! eventually. 


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Kevin Asp

Written by Kevin Asp

Kevin Asp is the President and Founder of inboundMed and SomnoSure. He is the past founder and President of Alaska Sleep Clinic, touted as the most trafficked sleep center website in the world.

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