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Client Testimonials


American Association of Sleep Technologists


The AAST is featured in the following Spotlight by HubSpot:

American Association of Sleep Technologists Revive Declining Membership with HubSpot

"For 35 years the American Association of Sleep Technologists has been advancing, preserving, and promoting the sleep technology profession through continued development of educational, technical, and clinical excellence in sleep services. Despite their long-standing reputation of being the foremost organization in the industry, membership rates were declining, and the team knew they needed to re-evaluate their marketing approach. With the help of HubSpot they’ve been able to turn this trend around, increasing membership by 12% despite the projected losses...Up against a projected 5% decline in annual membership, the AAST took the advice of Board Member, Kevin Asp of inboundMed, and reached out to learn more about HubSpot's software and inbound marketing."


"As a member of the Board of Directors Kevin introduced the American Association of Sleep Technologists (AAST) to the concept of inbound marketing almost a year ago, and has overseen the development of blogs  and  a content marketing focused membership campaign.  His expertise has been  invaluable in guiding the development of effective messaging and  marketing  tools for the organization.  As a result of his efforts we have seen an  increase in interest in the AAST as an organization that provides  valuable  information for its members as well as an increasing interest in AAST  educational offerings and products.  These efforts have also resulted  in a renewed interest in AAST membership that I believe is directly related  to  the expertise and guidance that Kevin has provided.  We appreciate his  expertise and efforts and the results we have seen!"

         Rita Brooks, MEd, RST, RPSGT, REEG/EPT

         Immediate Past President

         American Association of Sleep Technologists



"As the incoming president for the AAST I have been charged with keeping our membership organizations marketing efforts relevant in the changing world of social media. Kevin Asp had the experience of inbound marketing success and euthesiactly lead the way for us to adopt our own content marketing campaign. Kevin and his InboundMed resources have been instrumental in our new marketing efforts. We have seen a considerable increase in new members and I am certain that is the result of the  timely information we are getting out on sleep technology and sleep wellness"

Laura Linley, RPSGT, RST  
American Association of Sleep Technologists (AAST)



"Kevin Asp has been an amazing mentor to work with, and his fearlessness in trying something new and willingness to engage in the latest technology has been both inspiring and motivating for the American Association of Sleep Technologists. I am looking forward to the many years that Kevin will share his expertise and guidance to the organization and myself."

Yoona Ha

Content Manager

American Association of Sleep Technologists (AAST)




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